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Star Tropics NES Game Cartridge

StarTropics was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed and published by Nintendo. The game was not intended and never was released for Japan, with only Europe and North America getting the release. The game was followed with a sequel called StarTropics II: Zoda’s Revenge. There was an actual letter that was packaged with the game to set the story up and is used inside the plot of the game. While playing, the player will be prompted to put the letter into water to uncover a hidden password that is required for progressing the game. The code was published in the magazine Nintendo Power to respond to fan questions. The Virtual Console version on the Wii had the letter added to the virtual manual and will play an animation with the letter being dipped into water and then the code is revealed.

The story follows a character named Mike that is traveling to go see his uncle Dr Steven Jones, who is an archaeologist. He has a laboratory on an island called C-Island located in the South Seas. When Mike gets to his uncle’s house in a tropical village called Coralcola, he notices that Dr Jones’s is missing. His uncle’s assistant hands Mike a yo-yo for defending himself, then permitting him to use the submarine his uncle has to find him. On an island nearby, Mike finds a message in a bottle from his uncle that says he was abducted by some extraterrestrials. While traveling the many isles in the South Sea, Mike will encounter monsters, quirky characters, labyrinths, and intelligent animals that includes a parrot that can talk and a dolphin mother that is trying to find her lost son.

The game is played in a top down view similar to a lot of the other RPG’s of the game’s era. It is separated into chapters. In every chapter, the player will take control of Mike and explore a variety of settlements and several other areas that are of interest. The player will also interact with characters that are non playable to obtain information on the surrounding area. The player will then be tasked with trying to locate a source of local disturbance or calamity. When entering a dangerous locale, mechanics will switch in the game which will have the view zoom in and introduce a variety of adversaries and obstacles. The player will then need to either destroy or navigate them. Destroying them will need the yo-yo, which is unique to StarTropics. It is the player’s main weapon. While progressing, other tools and weapons will be made available to help Mike in his journey.

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