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Spy Hunter Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Spy Hunter was released for the NES in 1987. It was originally an arcade game that was released in 1983. The game was developed and published by Bally Midway. It drew inspiration from James Bond movies and was supposed to have the license for James bond. The player take control of a sports car that is being driven by a spy. The goal in Spy Hunter is trying to travel along the freeway and destroying enemy vehicles while protecting the civilian vehicles. The road in the game is endless and there is no ending. There are a few glitches in the NES version. One includes if there is a turn in the road, the player’s vehicle will not wreck as long as it remains driving straight, making it possible to drive hours over river banks, rocks, dirt, etc.

The player starts inside the G-6155 Interceptor, being based on an Isdera Imperator 108i. A variety of enemies will try destroying the car the player is driving or they will force it to go off the road. A helicopter will be in the air trying to drop bombs on the player. There is a counter that will increment the score when the car is moving on the main road. Extra points can be earned when the player destroys enemy vehicles by using weapons or when they are forced off road. The time when lead in will supply the player with infinite cars for that period, but must then earn more cars by getting points. If the player destroys a non enemy vehicle, the score is halted for a small period of time. No points are obtained when the player’s vehicle is off road. The player will be destroyed when colliding hard with another car, if they are hit by weapons, or when they go too far off road.

New regions that have different weather conditions or terrain can be found when following forks on the main road that appear periodically. The standard machine gun the player has can be augmented with different weapons when the weapons van is entered. The van appears in every new territory or it can be summoned periodically while playing. The special weapons that are available are surface to air missiles, smoke screens, and oil slicks. Each special weapon will have a limited amount of ammo and will be lost if the player is destroyed. The screen will show which are available. It is also possible to change the car to a boat for short periods. This happens when the player drives into a boathouse that will appear seldom on the road side. The player will then be attacked by two enemy boats.

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