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Ikari Warriors NES Game Cartridge

Ikari Warriors was released for the NES in 1987 and SNK developed it. It was originally an arcade game released back in 1986, and was unique at the time because of the addition of the two player gameplay, which other games did not have. The Rambo movies were the inspiration for the designer of the game, Keiko Iju. The two playable characters, Ralf and Clark, make appearances in Metal Slug five and six, and appear in the fighting games King of Fighters. The world record for the game is 1,799,000 points held by Stan Szczepanski.

Players will begin the game as a commando-type warrior, one being Ralf in red, and the other being Clark in blue. Your characters will move up the screen from the bottom and head to Ikari village. Enemies will try to prevent you from getting to the village. These enemies will include soldiers, tanks, and helicopters. If a tank enemy is defeated, the player can take it over to help get through the level. You will be immune to bullets while in the tank, but the fuel is limited and and when it is out, you will start taking damage. The tank will also take damage if caught in explosions. Power ups are also available for the players while progressing through the levels.

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