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Thunderbirds NES Game Cartridge

Thunderbirds was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Pack-In-Video and published by Activision. The story is about Hood, who is an alien that is evil, wanting the Thunderbirds to give him all of their vehicles within 60 days or he will bombard Earth with meteors. Assuming Hood needs all 60 days for preparing his strike on Earth, the Thunderbirds decide to look for the places that might contain energy sources for his power.

The game will take place in North America, Indian Ocean, and also Asia. The player will fly through and attempt different missions within every location. Since the player is a Thunderbird, they will fly five different air crafts that are futuristic like the Mach 20, the Neptune, and a Fire Flash plane. Every vehicle will be able to withstand three hits before they are grounded. Once the player’s vehicle is grounded, three days will go by while it is being repaired. Those three days are subtracted from the 60 day total the player will have to complete the game.

The enemies in the game will consist of sea worms, scorpions that are poisonous, and environmental adversaries like volcanoes that spit fire. When certain enemies are defeated, the player’s aircraft is able to obtain power ups like health replenishing, increasing their firepower, or giving the player orbital ships that will fly beside their main ship and assist them during combat.

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