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Yoshi’s Cookie NES Game Cartridge

Yoshi’s Cookie was released for the NES in 1993. Bullet-Proof Software developed the game and Nintendo published it. There will be two different game modes for the game. While playing Action in single player, the player will complete level in succession that will progressively become more complex. The other game mode available will be a Vs mode for multiplayer. During this mode, two players will compete head-to-head in a split screen.

The game is about tile matching where the player will be given a field of play that is populated with five different types of cookies. These cookies are arranged inside a grid that is rectangular. The player’s goal in every level is clearing the play field of every cookie. The player will mix and match the cookies so entire columns or rows will consist of the same cookie type. A cursor on the grid will be controlled by the player that will be used for rotating the individual lines similar to the Rubik’s Cube puzzle. When a column or row contains cookies that all match, the row will be cleared off the grid.

While playing, the grid will grow in size when the cookies enter from the right sides and top of the play field. A game over will occur whenever an overflow on the grid happens. There is also a sixth type of cookie that is in the shape of Yoshi’s head. This cookie will occasionally appear and will act as the wild card, which can be used for helping clear the lines of any other type of cookie.

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Platform: NES
Players: 1-2
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Genre: Puzzle and Brain
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Everyone