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Crash N The Boys Street Challenge NES Game Cartridge

Crash n’ the Boys: Street Challenege was released for the Nes in 1992 in North America. It was developed by Technos Japan and published by American Technos. It had Olympic style competitions with no regulations or rules, and had five teams. The games to play were Swimming, Hammer Throw, 400 meter hurdles, Fighting Scene, and Roof Top Jumping. The plot has a guy nicknamed Todd, real name Theodore Thornley IV, having enough of being humiliated again by Crash, real name Jeff Cooney, his rival. Todd challenged him and his blue collared buddies from the Southside High School to the Track Meet for All-City. Two other high schools were invited to participate along with a team that was sponsored by his rich father.

There are four teams to choose and a fifth team is controlled by the computer. Every team has five teammates, all with their own pros and cons, which gives other teammates advantages in certain events. Before the start of an event, the player will have the choice of going shopping at a mall for character power ups. These power ups get paid for by medals that teams achieve progressing through the challenges. The winning team for the challenges need to be somewhat judicious on how they spend for power ups since they are the team with the most overall medals. Four players can play the game since there are never moments with three or four teams competing simultaneously. No adapter is required for four players.

The two types of events that can be chosen are the individual events, which are the Roof Top Jumping and Hammer Throw, and the head to head events, which are Swimming, Fighting, and the 400 Meter Hurdles. The individual events has the teams take turns. The ranking of the teams are by  whoever acquires the largest amount of points. Head to head events will take place in a tournament with single elimination format, with a player competing against other players or computers in heats. The player to successfully beat both of their opponents will go to compete for first against one member of the Thornley team.

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