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Roger Clemens MVP Baseball NES Game Cartridge

Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball was released for the NES in 1991. It was developed by Sculptured Software and published by Acclaim. The baseball players will have their abilities and likenesses from the MLB 1991 season they represented. Since the MLBPA did not license the game, only one player’s name appeared during the game, being Roger Clemens. There are 26 baseball teams featured corresponding to the MLB during the 1991 season. The team nicknames were also changed due to not having the MLB license. While most of the players will have names that will be mutations of their actual names, like Fieldman and Gaddox being Cecil Fielder and Greg Maddux respectfully, the programmers of the game appeared to have some fun with their names. They poked fun at some names of real players that they were supposed to represent. The game will have a mode for exhibition and for regular season that has 162 games.

Here are some examples of these names. Darryl Strawberry was named Raspberry. Steve Sax was named Clarinet. David Justice was named Judge. Dwight Gooden was named Doctor which referenced his "Doc" nickname. Rob Deer was named Bambi. Tim Raines was named Snows. David Cone was named Conehead probably to pay homage to Saturday Night Live’s comedy sketch that later became a film. Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire both were named Bash, referencing their Bash Brothers nickname while they were teammates on Oakland Athletics. Vance Law was named Order. Cal Ripken Jr was named Nepkir, which was just his last name backwards. Ozzie Smith was named Wizard, which was his nickname that was well known. Mike Moore was named Less. Rickey Henderson was named Speed. Dave Winfield was named Winbrener, which referenced his feud with George Steinbrenner, the Yankees’ owner, through the 80s before being traded in 1990 to California Angels.

The teams will be divided into four Divisions. In the National West Division, the teams are the San Francisco Quakes, the Los Angeles Apaches, the Cincinnati Big Cats, the San Diego Suns, the Houston Mustangs, and the Atlanta Condors. In the National East Division, the teams are the Chicago Swords, the Montreal Lumberjacks, the New York Buffalos, the St Louis Commandos, the Pittsburgh Panthers, and the Philadelphia Generals. In the American West Division, the teams are the Oakland Bashers, the Seattle Pioneers, the Minnesota Hounds, the California Waves, the Texas Cowboys, the Chicago Red Birds, and the Kansas City Kings. In the American East Division, the teams are the Toronto Bears, the Boston Hornets, the New York Rebels, the Detroit Wheels, the Milwaukee Marshals, the Baltimore Eagles, and the Cleveland Tomahawks.

When the player controls a pitcher, they will be able to control the ball spin and speed and be able to change their pitcher’s position. A pitcher will also be able to stop an opponent for stealing bases, with windows showing positions of the runners on each base. When the player is controlling a batter, they will have time on hitting the ball successfully so they will not get a strike or hit a foul ball. There is also the option to not swing in case the pitch looks like it will be a ball. A base can be stolen once on base. When the ball gets hit, fielding mode will over and the camera will shift higher, having the fielder get smaller as they move. The closest fielder will be controlled by the player to attempt to catch or pick up the ball, then throwing it to a base that the player will select. There will be many different angles for the camera that will depend on the ball’s location.

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