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Solomon’s Key NES Game Cartridge

Solomon’s Key was released for the NES in 1987. It was developed and published by Tecmo. The game was originally released for the arcades in 1986. It is recognized for the difficulty of the game being one of the hardest for the NES. The player will control a sorcerer and will need to overcome an unlimited amount of enemy spawning, level designs that are challenging, a timer that counts down, instant death when physically contacting an enemy, and only so many ways to destroy an enemy. It is also easy for a player to unintentionally make a level impossible to beat when playing them. No saving is available in the game so once all a player’s lives are lost, no matter what level they are currently playing, the game will be restarted.

There is a code that will allow a player to continue on the level they last lost all their lives on, except when they are further than level 41. In that case, a player will be restarted on level 41.There will be many secret levels and hidden items that will be hard to find, enhancing the accomplishment for playing. Solomon’s Key’s ending will change slightly depending on the secret levels a player finds and finishes. The game also had a prequel released in 1993 called Fire ‘n Ice.

The player’s character, Dana, is on a mission to collect Solomon’s Key so he can restore the world’s light from the demons that had accidentally been released. The game’s objective is to progress through 50 Constellation Space rooms by getting a key for the door leading into the next level before the timer hits zero. The game will incorporate elements from the platforming shooter genre. The player has the ability to jump, run, and destroy or create orange blocks that are adjacent to them. The player can also create fireballs for destroying demons. Orange blocks are destroyed when the player hits them with their head twice. Items can be acquired to upgrade firepower and for getting extra lives. Some items will give bonus points or will unlock a hidden room.With specific items, the player will need to make and then break the blocks to have these appear.

The game will have a total of 64 levels, with 15 being secret levels and one being the last level. The game’s primary 48 levels will be divided into 12 groups, having 4 each. Every group is represented with a Zodiac constellation. The last level will be Solomon’s room. Every constellation will have a secret room that can be accessed only when finding the constellation’s seal in the group’s last room. The game’s three other levels are Princess room and two Pages of Time and Space. These levels only occur if a player acquires Solomon’s hidden Seals. The NES game will have a GDV score that will appear when there is a game over. The score will use several factors that are weighted, like points, time, items found, and levels completed, giving them an idea of how they did on their last game they played. The higher a player gets on their GDV score, the better they played the game.

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