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The Rocketeer NES Game Cartridge

The Rocketeer was released for the NES in 1991. It was developed by Ironwind Software and published by Bandai. The game is based on a film by Disney with the same name. The story is set in 1938, like the movie, and will start out at the Bigelow Airfield. The plot will be similar, with Nazis attempting to steal a jet pack that was experimental that would apparently give them an edge in warfare to take over the world. The hero of the story will take the helmet and jet pack to prevent the Nazis from stealing it and from obtaining world domination.

The game will be a jump and run, sometimes fly, type of game. Around the first stage’s halfway point, the player, as the Rocketeer, will be able to collect power ups for jet fuel, ammo, and health. The fuel will allow the player to use their jet pack, giving them the capability to fly for a short period of time. The player will have six different weapon options available for use when the game starts. The only limitation will be the ammunition points the player has reserved. The first weapon, which is not really an actual weapon, is a punch and will require no ammo, making it unlimited. The second is a pistol, which will use one ammo point for every shot. The third is a tommygun, which uses two ammo points. The fourth is a spread gun, which uses three ammo points. The fifth is a grenade, which uses 5 ammo points. The sixth, and last, is a bazooka, which will use twenty ammo points.

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