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Battle Tank NES Game Cartridge

Battle Tank was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Imagineering and Absolute Entertainment published it. The game has similarities to Battlezone for the Atari and will support one player. It is a tank simulator that has the player controlling a tank inside from the driver’s seat. The player will be put straight into a tank and is sent off toward the battlefield so they can complete their mission assigned to them.

The mission objectives range from destroying enemies to having to destroy their fuel dump to trying to destroy the enemy camp. Enemies will be all around the battlefield. Minefields, helicopters, and enemy tanks will try and stop your moves. These enemies have the capability of moving off the screen and strafing around the player’s tank, which will lead to difficulties. There are a lot of strategic elements that will be involved during gameplay. Playing in first person limits the battlefield view. The player can put their tank into overdrive and miss the intended target and possibly into a minefield or group of tanks. Tank fuel, ammunition, and turret angle will need to be accounted for. Specific guns on the player’s tank will hurt specific enemies, with a total of 4 guns. The player will have six hits before they are destroyed.
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