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Section-Z NES Game Cartridge

Section Z was released for the NES in 1987. It was originally an arcade game released in 1985. The game takes place in a year unspecified in the third millennium. The player controls an astronaut that is sent to invade and annihilate a space station that is orbiting near Earth and is the alien empire’s secret base called the Balangool.

The gameplay changed in the NES version, mainly the game controls and level designs. It has three stages with 20 sections each, combining for 60 total sections. Each section are full sized levels in the NES game, but not every section needs to be played to finish the game. The sections are numbered for the NES but are alphabetical in the arcade. Stage one starts in Section 00, the space station’s outer perimeter. The player will then proceed to Section 01, the base’s actual first corridor. Most sections in the end will have the player choose a transporter to enter, with both taking them to different sections inside the base. Some of the transporters will send the player to a past section while other transporters cannot open until certain conditions are met by the player. The player will be killed if they try entering a closed transporter. The goal of every stage is destroying a couple power generators that are located in different sections in every stage to unlock a path that leads to the last section of every stage where the player will face the boss.

Instead of having one button for firing and the other button for turning around, the player will use one button for firing one direction and the other button for firing the other direction. A basic laser rifle is what the player will start with and has the ability to upgrade the weapon to the Flash Buster, firing bullets at medium range in three directions, or the Megamasher, firing laser beams in a wider v-shape. Either of those weapons can upgrade to the Mega Buster that provides both gun upgrades, that shots in three directions and long range shots that are wider. A Shield Barrier can be picked up that will be able to take 32 shots before disappearing.

The player’s energy is represented by a numerical indicator. Energy will be depleted when taking damage form the enemy bullets or if the player loses one life after touching one of the enemies. The player will still be able to continue back at the start of the current section if there is still any energy left, even if all their lives have been lost. The energy’s maximum can increase when the player destroys power generators located in every stage. When both buttons are pressed simultaneously, the player will summon a special transmission shell. These transmission shells include Mega Missiles, Flash Bombs, and Crush Balls. Picking one of the shells and then using one will cost four points of energy from the player.

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