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Code Name Viper NES Game Cartridge

Code Name: Viper was published by Capcom and developed by Arc System Works for the NES. The protagonist is Kenny Smith who is an agent with Viper as his code name, and a part of the 98th Special Forces. His commander assigns him a mission to search a big drug organization that covers the entire continent of South America. His objective is to find and rescue an agent in every one of the seven hideout’s and find clues to reveal who the true mastermind behind the drug operation is.

Gameplay is similar to the game Rolling Thunder, which was made by Namco in 1986. The player as Smith can drop down or jump between the floors simply by holding down or up on the D-pad and then pressing jump. The two weapons available are a pistol and an auto machine gun. The items that the player can pick up include ammo for either gun, time extension, health, and extra lives. Also, unlike Rolling Thunder, the player can shoot and jump simultaneously and can change direction while jumping.

The game puts an emphasis on trying to rescue hostages, which is also different from Rolling Thunder but similar to Shinobi. In the first seven levels, the player finds captured civilians by entering certain doors. Those rescued will give you their gratitude and provide more insight on the storyline and give you grenades to blow up the objects blocking the exit. The color of the enemies clothing determines how they attack and how strong they are. There are three difficulty settings in the game and a total of eight levels.

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