High Speed Pinball NES


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High Speed Pinball NES Game Cartridge

High Speed was released for the NES in 1991. Rare developed the game and Tradewest published it. The engine for the game is the same that Pin Bot uses, another pinball video game. A sequel for the Game Boy was released in 1995 called The Getaway. It is also based on a real pinball machine having the exact name. High Speed recreates gameplay and it’s pinball table from the version on the arcade, adding video game type features like magnetic helicopters, attacking enemies, lightning bombs, and rusted balls that will dissolve the player’s flipper. The screen’s bottom part will remain on the flippers at the bottom. The screen’s top half will scroll over to follow the ball when it is hit upward. Gameplay can be single player and up to four.

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Platform: NES
Players: 1-4
Condition: Used
Genre: Other
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Everyone