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Shingen the Ruler NES Game Cartridge

Shingen the Ruler was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed and published by HOT B. The game takes place during Japan’s Sengoku period. The player will take control of Takeda Shingen. He is based inside Shinano and Kyoto’s holding. The game’s goal is trying to take over central Japan, spanning from Kamakura to Kyoto. Gameplay will start in 1545 in January. The player can make the decision of one action for a province per month, up to four provinces. The player will need to build an army and train them so they can cultivate provinces and break or make alliances with the neighboring daimyo. Random disasters, like floods, and events that are predefined, like Shingen’s father’s death, are featured in the game. Takeda Katsuyori, Shingen’s heir, could also be trained.

The combat in the game will consist of a skirmish on a field, then being followed with a battle taking place at a castle. Every holding’s castle and field will have various layouts. A battle system that is automatic will be provided and will calculate every army’s damage done. With an exception of General Su and General Li being in Noto’s holding, the warlords that remain are depicted within the game will be real life historical figures. Most of the families will have just a single heir. The game’s Ikko Sect will remain the same through the game while the family of the Ashikagas will be the only ones having a secondary heir who is Ashikaga Yoshiaki, who was Ashikaga Yoshiteru’s younger brother historically. Because of the English version’s limitations, any names that have sixteen or more letters were shortened by dropping a component in a given name.

The game has 17 starting characters for certain regions with each having successors. The Shinano and Kai region’s starting character was Takeda Shingen who is succeeded by Takeda Katsuyori. The Musashi and Sagami region’s starting character was Hojo Ujiyasu who is succeeded by Hojo Ujimasa. The Echigo and Kozuke region’s starting character is Uesugi kenshin who is succeeded by Uesugi Kagekatsu. The West Shinano region’s starting character is Kiso Yoshimasa who is succeeded by Kiso Yoshitoshi. The North Shinano region’s starting character is Murakami Kiyo who is succeeded by Murakami Kuni. The Totoumi and Suruga region’s starting character is Imagawa Moto who is succeeded by Imagawa Ujizane. The Owari region’s starting character is Oda Nobunaga who is succeeded by Oda Nobuo. 

The Mikawa region’s starting character is Matsudaira Hiro who is succeeded by Tokugawa Ieyasu. The Mino region’s starting character is Saito Dosan who is succeeded by Saito Yoshitatsu. The Hida region’s starting character is Anekoji Yori who is succeeded by Anekoji Koretsu. The Etchu region’s starting character is Hatakeyama Tsuna who is succeeded by Hatakeyama Nori. The Noto region’s starting character is General Li who is succeeded by General Wang. The Kaga region was run by the Ikko Sect. The Echizen region’s starting character is Asakura Takakage who is succeeded by Asakura Kage. The Oumi region’s starting character is Asai Hisamasa who is succeeded by Asai Nagamasa. The Ise region’s starting character is Kitabatake Hara who is succeeded by Kitabatake Tono. The Yamashiro region’s starting character is Ashikaga Yoshiteru who is succeeded by Ashikaga Hide, who is then succeeded by Ashikaga Aki.

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