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Bible Adventures NES Game Cartridge

Bible Adventures was released for the NES in 1991. Wisdom tree developed and published the game. The game was never sold in any video game outlet. It was a collection of three games, with the first being Noah’s Ark, the second being Baby Moses, and the third being David and Goliath. They are all loosely based on Bible stories. The gameplay of all three games are similar to Super Mario Bros 2 that was also released for the NES. The game will feature background music on the game’s title screen with the song Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring written by J.S. Bach. The game will bypass the NES’s 10NES lockout chip because it emitted one of the voltage spikes when the control deck for the NES is powered on.

In the Noah’s Ark game, the player will need to round up food and animals and carry all of them and get to the Ark. Sometimes the player can knock the animals out by throwing a barrel or by catching fruit that is thrown from a monkey. The player’s health can be recharged when reading Bible verses scattered around four levels. The snakes that are in trees are the decoys while real snakes the player needs are located in a cave. In the Baby Moses game, the player will take control of Moses’ sister Miriam as she is trying to rescue her brother since the Pharoah’s decree was for all Hebrew male children to be killed. The player will need to carry Moses from the beginning of a level to the end in a similar manner to carrying vegetables in Super Mario Bros 2. The player can throw Moses around without any harm coming to him, but the enemies can also not be harmed. They will try to throw baby Moses into the Nile river. If a level is completed without Moses, a message appears and says you forgot Moses and the current level will need to be restarted.

In the third game David and Goliath, David will be controlled by the player as he is herding sheep and tries to avoid predators like bears and lions. The player can use Acorns to stun beasts. A sling will be acquired by the player and then will need to dodge the stones, scorpions, and guards before fighting the shield bearer of Goliath and eventually Goliath himself. The player will need to strike Goliath in his head in order to defeat him.

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