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Shooting Range NES Game Cartridge

Shooting Range was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed by TOSE and published by Bandai. The game has mini-games that look similar to Old Western days, excluding the moon level since that is space themed. There is also a ghost house, making a total of three different stages. The goal of the game is to shoot white and red targets on the heads of characters while watching the energy level. There is also a carnival type game that has the player shoot bottles inside a saloon, which is the bonus level. The player will have a choice between three difficulties, each giving the player different amounts of time to complete a stage. Level 1 will give the player 300 game time, level 2 will give the player 250 game time, and level 3 will give the player 200 game time.

Other items the player can shoot while playing the game are hourglasses, giving the player 50 extra game time, an E, giving the player 100 points and one energy bar, a white square with an E, giving the player 100 points and two energy bars, an E in Reverse, which gives the player one energy bar, and W’s or C’s, giving the player 100 points. The game will also have a party mode where the player competes for the highest score. The game’s controller will require the Zapper light gun.

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