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Snake Rattle N Roll NES Game Cartridge

Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll was released for the NES in 1990. The game was received well by a variety of gaming magazines, being praised for the well designed graphics, controls and playability, and the challenge. It has been called a top NES game and one of Rare’s best releases. David Wise composed the game’s soundtrack, which has music from the song Shake, Rattle, and Roll from 1954. It is also where the game got its title. One tune from the game was an homage to the main theme from Jaws, which happens when the player’s snake is in water and then gets chased by a shark. Wise also composed music for Battletoads, Wizards and Warriors, and Donkey Kong Country games. A sequel called Sneaky Snakes was released for Game Boy in 1991.

The game features two different snakes, one named Rattle and the other named Roll. The player will use one of the two and go through eleven isometric levels. The goal of every level is trying to eat Nibbley Pibbleys, small creatures that are round, to gain weight and ring the bell on a weighing machine that is located at every level’s end. If enough weight is put on the machine, the door to the next stage will open. The player will use the D-Pad to move around and use B to eat the Nibbley Pibbleys. When eating them, the length of the snake will increase. Eating Nibbley Pibbleys the same color as your snake has their length grow faster, and yellow ones has their length grow the most. Every level has a dispenser that will spew them out, but will sometimes spew out bombs that can hurt the snake. When the snake gets long enough, the end of the tail will flash, meaning the snake will be heavy enough for the weigh machine.

Every level will have a variety of enemies and obstacles. A segment from the snake will be lost if the player is hit by enemies, and a life is lost when there are no more segments. A life is also lost if the snake falls too far, the time runs out, a sharp object is touched, or is squashed by an enemy or object. If the player stays in water too long, a shark will eat the player’s snake. The game will end once all lives are lost, but multiple continues are available for the player to continue the level they were last on. Enemies are defeated by jumping on top of them or using their tongues to hit them. A variety of items can be collected to help the player during gameplay. These items include tongue extensions, extra continues and lives, invisibility diamonds, time bonuses, and items speeding up your snake or reversing the controls.

Lids are located through the game’s levels that look like manhole covers. The player can open them to find Nibbley Pibbleys, items, extra lives, bonus level entrances, and occasionally enemies. There are also hidden warps locate through the game that will allow the player to skip multiple levels and be able to restart at later points in the game.

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