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The Guardian Legend NES Game Cartridge

The Guardian Legend was released for the NES in 1989. Compile developed the game and Broderbund published it. The game is a sequel to Guardic which was released for the MSX in 1989. The main protagonist of the is an aerobot transformer that is highly sophisticated, and is also the Earth’s guardian. The player’s mission is infiltrating Naju, which is a large object that is planet like which aliens have launched towards Earth. When inside Naju, the player will need to activate a total of 10 safety devices for the self destruct on Naju to commence before the world collides with Earth. There will be five alien tribes that are hostile and are vying to take control of the territories that are within Naju. The player will need to fight their way through to activate the switches successfully, and then escape.

The game’s story will advance with messages that are left by unidentified predecessors that also attempted to engage Naju’s self destruction mechanism, but were unsuccessful. The game’s first message, which was left behind by the only remaining survivor from the attacks on Naju, will serve as the introduction. The later messages in the game will give the player hints that will help them open the locked corridors.

Gameplay will vary depending on a player’s location inside Naju. A player will control the game’s Guardian in the humanoid form while exploring Naju’s surface, which is the labyrinth. The Guardian’s spaceship form will be used when the interior of Naju, the Dungeon, is being navigated. The player’s life meter will decrease when damage from the enemies is sustained. Life is able to be replenished when various items are collected. If the player’s life is completely depleted, the Guardian will explode and it is a game over.

The player’s primary weapon will be rapid fire and have unlimited ammo. There will also be a variety of secondary weapons, which will use power chips every time used. The power chips will also be used as the game’s currency for purchasing upgrades in shops located throughout Naju. These upgrades will include improvements to the player’s primary weapon, upgraded or new secondary weapons, and Landers which are creatures that are brightly colored and round. They are obtained when a boss is defeated or found inside the Labyrinth.

Red and Blue Landers, which are characters that recur in Compile games, will increase a player’s max power chip and life capacities, respectively.The Blue Landers will play many roles in the game. Some of those will not be items, but characters that are non playable that will give advice or exchange some upgrades for some power chips. The others will give a password that will allow a player to start the game where they left off. Blue Landers will also be checkpoints, where the player can restart the game in the designated rooms if they are defeated, provided that the NES console was not shut down.

During the game’s action adventure part, which is the Labyrinth, a player will explore Naju’s surface in the humanoid form with the top down view. A player will need to traverse the Labyrinth and locate the corridors to infiltrate them, ultimately activating the 10 safety devices on Naju. The Labyrinth will consist of passages that are screen wide and rooms that are plotted individually as X-Y coordinates. There will be a map that will detail the coordinates in a form that is grid like and will be able to be viewed when the player is on the game’s pause sub screen. The player will be able to walk screen to screen generally, but some of the screens will be separated with warp panels, which are portals. The warp panels will have a symbol that indicates the surrounding area. Some of the warp panels will lead into rooms that contain a variety of story elements and clues while others will be gateways to password rooms, shops, and corridors. The keys in the game will allow the player to access the different parts of the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth can then be explored in a fashion that is non linear.

During the shooting part in the game, also called the Dungeon, a player will battle through the interior of Naju in the spaceship form. This Dungeon will consist of corridors filled with enemies that will be found during the player’s exploration inside the Labyrinth. The objective for the player while inside the Dungeon will be progressing through every corridor and destroy it’s boss. When completing a corridor, the player will destroy it and will be returned to the Labyrinth. When this happens, a power up, or sometimes a key for warp panels, will be collected as the player’s reward. Though some corridors will be able to be freely accessed, the others will only be able to be entered when a certain action is performed inside a corridor’s room. Some of the rooms inside the Labyrinth will have clues indicating how to unlock the corridors. Ten corridors during gameplay will serve as a safety device that the player will need to deactivate to beat the game.

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