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The Karate Kid NES Game Cartridge

The Karate Kid was released for the NES in 1987. It was developed by Atlus and published by LJN. Gameplay will loosely follow plot elements based on the 1st and 2nd Karate Kid films. The game has four levels, playing out like the movies go. It will end with the player being winked at by Pat Morita. In Level 1, the game starts with the player’s character, Daniel LaRusso, participating in a Karate Tournament, which is the first movie’s climax location. The player will need to fight four fighters to advance onto the game’s next stage. The energy bar of the opponents will increase as a player progresses in the tournament. The last fight is Johnny Lawrence, presumably, from the film.

Level 2 will have its setting in Okinawa, which is the main setting for the second Karate Kid film. The player will need to defeat random thugs who will die with a single hit while advancing towards Chozen at the stage’s end. Every three enemies that are defeated, the player collects small D and C symbols that will allow them to use Drum Punches and Crane Kicks, respectively. A little bit of energy will also be replenished for the player. There will be some not obvious and obvious entrances where the player can earn Punches and Kicks by catching flies using chopsticks, braking some ice blocks, or dodging a hammer that is swinging.

During Level 3, the player will be on a stage nearly the same as the second level, but will have tricky jumps and a typhoon will be happening. The typhoon will cause a wind that is strong that interferes with a player’s jumps and a variety of objects, like sticks and birds, will fly through air and will threaten the energy of the player. Those objects are able to be hit to accumulate extra points. The boss will be Chozen for a second time, but there will be a girl that is on top of a pole the player will need to save. The player will not have to defeat Chozen, with rescuing the girl being necessary.

The game’s last stage, Level 4, will be a festival that happens after a typhoon. The player will now wear a newer outfit for the stage, with random enemies now being tougher, taking two hits to kill. There will also be enemies that will have spears that the player will need to hit even more to defeat. The game’s last boss, who will be Chozen once again, will have a new twist. He now has Kumiko beside him on the ground, and the player will need to occasionally touch her so she will not slip off and drown. If this happens, the player will lose a life. If the player defeats the boss and Kumiko does not drown, they will be given a short ending. The head of Mr Miyagi will appear and will look like he is talking to you and saying a sentence about becoming a master of martial arts.

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