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Bad News Baseball NES Game Cartridge

Bad News Baseball was released for the NES in 1989 and was developed and published by Tecmo. The goal of the game is the beat every team and the game can go infinitely until this happens.

There is no season mode in this game, however, there is a single player mode to where you will need to beat all the teams in the game in round robin play. Record is not kept for winning or losing, and the game will continue until all teams are beaten. Even though there was not a set schedule, the pitchers on the players team had stamina and would need some games to rest to refuel their stamina. The game was able to simulate a pitching rotation in this way. There is a choice of one player, two players, or spectator mode, where the player can watch two computer teams play each other.

The gameplay is similar to the game R.B.I. Baseball with some exceptions. One example is the umpires being rabbits. Another is when a player is forced out or knocked out with a ball, they become unconscious. The animations are designed to be more kid friendly like when there is a home run or a close play at home plate. If there is not a winner by inning 12, the game will end in a tie, like the Japan League. The game does include pinch runners and pinch hitters, stealing bases, four different pitches, and the players have difference in attributes. The super league and the ultra league do not have the designated hitter rule.

The game has 12 teams, all with an imaginary roster. They correspond loosely much to the actual MLB teams, like the Oakland team having yellow and green uniforms similar to the Oakland A’s MLB team. No nicknames from Major League players are used and the rosters do not have any resemblance to the MLB counterparts. Both leagues in the game had a team with all star players that the player can modify. Each player on each team have different stats. There is also a choice of being able to play as a girl. While playing as a girl, the rosters on the teams are different, pretty much making 12 new teams. The player can do this by holding left and down on the D-pad with controller 1, then holding up with controller 2 while continuing to hold left and down with controller 1, then hitting reset on the NES.

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