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Toobin’ NES Game Cartridge

Toobin’ was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed by Atari Games and published by Domark. It was originally released for the arcade in 1988. The player will choose either Jet or Bif and guide them through river rapids while on an inner tube while competing in river races against computers or with another player. Score will increase when the player swishes a gate, hits another character with a can, collects letters that are hidden to spell out Toobin’, and collecting some treasures. Obstacles will also need to be avoided while the player tries to shove others into them. The hazards will include stray branches or logs, fishermen, and crocodiles. There are also power ups the player can get to allow them to carry more than one can and gate combinations will increase the player’s score multiplier.

There will be three separate classes with each having five rivers, totaling 15. The Rivers in the first class are Colorado, the Amazon, Okeefenokee, the American, and Argentum. The second class will have Yukon, Styx, the Left Bank, Cuprum, and the Nile. The third class will have Jurassic, the Black Forest, Rio Grands, the Canals of Mars, and Nightmare. Every level will have a timer the player will need to beat, with a party at a level’s end if they are successful.

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