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Total Recall NES Game Cartridge

Total Recall was released for the NES in 1990. Interplay developed the game and Acclaim published it. The game is based on the film that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. The plot of the game will generally follow during the nine levels of gameplay. The sequences will also be replicated tighter than the PC version of the game. During the first level, Quaid is chased by Richter and then fight his wife in their apartment. The x-ray scanner for security will take up an entire level, as will the subway battle that takes place after. The player also will take control of a Martian taxi during the driving level that takes place inside of the colony. The windows on Mars can be shot at and broken, which will suck and enemies that are near them.

The player will take control of Doug Quaid and will search across the Earth and the planet Mars, searching for his memories that were stolen and who was responsible for stealing them. The enemies that are trying to stop the player are creatures, soldiers, and police. The default attack for the player will be a strong punch. Guns that are knocked out of some guards hands can be picked up to use. While playing, there will be cutscenes between specific levels that will tell the plot from the movie, featuring the actor likenesses from the actual film, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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