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Vegas Dream NES Game Cartridge

Vegas Dream was released for the NES in 1990. HAL Laboratory developed the game and HAL America Inc published it. The game starts with a scene of a player getting off an airplane that arrived in Las Vegas. The game features the back drop of an old downtown of Las Vegas having signs that had slight references to an old casino called Pioneer Club, which was called Pionee Club during gameplay. There is also Glitter Gulch and Binion’s Horseshoe. The player will choose one of two ways to play the game when starting, which are Vegas Dream, the story mode, and One Spot, just for gaming and no story.

The player will begin with $700 at a fictional hotel called the HAL Palace Hotel. There will be four games to spend the money on, which are the slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and Keno. Between the rounds of playing the games at a normal casino, there will social interactions that randomly occur with a variety of characters like other patrons, business people, or the employees of the casino. The employees are only interacted with during the story mode. The interactions and how the player responds to them will have different results that are possible. Sometimes the unidentified person will be a pickpocket, and the other times he is just someone who is down on luck and rewards the player for being kind later in the game.

The results of these interactions will be reported on the local news station in Las Vegas by an older white male. There will be cheery tones played when something positive happens like when the player is rewarded cash. If anything negative happens, like injuries, theft, etc, more somber tones will be played.

Vegas Dream will allow a player to date and marry members of the other sex, and also as many as they want to. The men will marry a woman with the name Ms Sophie and the women will marry a man with the name Mr James. Marriages do not affect a player’s status. They can, however, increase cash flow unless the person the player married is crooked, which will result in lost funds from them stealing. The game has a password system built inside. The passwords in the game will be 26 characters long, consisting of symbols, numbers, and letters, making them hard to right down correctly.

There are multiple endings in Vegas Dream. One way to complete the game is winning over 10 million dollars. At this point, a player will be seen reclining near a pool along with their household staff. This is assuming a player moved into a mansion and hired servants. They are then seen riding inside a limousine with their spouse to see a show. If player loses all of their money, The HAL Palace staff will give a player one last pull on the slots as a last resort effort to win more money. If successful, the game can be resumed and if failed, the player bids farewell and there will be a screen that appears showing them going towards their plane to leave Vegas, therefore the game ends.

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