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Pitfall SNES Game Cartridge

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure was released for the SNES in 1994. It was developed by Activision and published by Redline Games. It is the sequel to the original Pitfall that was released on the Atari 2600 in 1982. The player will take control of Pitfall Harry Jr, who is the son of the original game’s protagonist. The story is about Harry Jr attempting to save his father inside of a Mayan jungle.

There are multiple items the player can collect to help them through the jungle. The Sling Shot will let the player shoot enemies, though the player will need to collect Sling Stones as ammo for the Sling Shot. There are also Exploding Stones that are rare and can defeat enemies easily on contact. The Boomerang is a throwable item used for defeating enemies and is also powerful. A Sacred Heart will restore the player’s health once one is picked up. Finding a Golden Idol will bring the player back to life if they die at any point during a level. The Time Keeper will stop time temporarily. The last item is the Mayan Chili Pepper, which will increase the player’s jumping and running abilities.

The game will consist of 14 levels and 3 bonus Loltun Vault levels. The levels as they appear in order are Ceiba Jungle, Xibalba Falls, Tazamul Mines, Lost City of Copan, Copan Temple, Lakamul Rainforest, Yaxchilan Lagoon, Palenque Ruins, Tomb of Palenque, Balankanche Mine which a Runaway Minecar level, Jaina Falls, Tikal Ruins, Temple of Tikal, and Warrior Spirit, which is the final level. There is also a feature in the game if the player finds a secret doorway during gameplay, it will unlock the original Pitfall.
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