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RETRO magazine

I just found out about a kickstarter fans of this site and retro videogames in general might be interested in.  RETRO magazine aims to be a digital and print publication that will be published in bimonthly installments.  Don’t let the name fool you, although old games are its main focus there will still be some modern content.  The staff working on the magazine is a virtual who who’s of gaming press luminaries and online with many names some of you will be familiar with such as Jeremy Parish, Seanbaby, Kat Bailey, Jeff Green, and even old school EGM review crew member Martin Alessi.  The kickstarter was launched yesterday and has a modest goal of $50k for a full year’s worth of content; I think they’ll reach that goal easily.  If you’re interested in pledging or just curious to see what’s what you can visit or check out for a brief preview to see what they are aiming for.