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Barbie NES Game Cartridge

Barbie was released for the NES in 1991. Imagineering developed the game and Hi Tech Expressions published it. The game is based on the Barbie doll line created by Mattel, and the game attempted to get more young females into playing video games, becoming one of few girl oriented video games for the NES. Barbie starts to dream that she was invited to a Fantasy Ball, then realizing she had nothing great to wear in the dream. She will travel to three worlds which are the Mall, the Underwater, and the Soda Shop to find accessories to wear and hope that Ken gives her a chance with him. Barbie will meet some animal friends on her way and will search to find Charms, Glamor Items, and Dream Ups for the bracelet that helps her on her journey.

During the Mall World, the player will have a shopping spree to collect Barbie coins that can be used at a wishing fountain so Barbie can acquire the pink, exquisite ball gown. During the Underwater World, the Mermaid Barbie and some dolphins will go searching for pearls so Barbie can return then to the giant oyster to obtain the pearl ring. In the last world, the 1950’s looking Soda Shop, the player will need to find gold records to use for making a stairway that will lead to the sky for the player to get the final accessory, which is a sparkly, charming pair of high heels. The player will return to the Dream House and get ready to go to the Fantasy Ball. While Barbie descends the stairway wearing the accessories collected in her adventure, Ken is awaiting her to dance.

Unlike the other games about Barbie, the game is played like a platformer. The levels in the game are called dreams and every dream will have Barbie walking from the left to the right. While going through the levels, the player will need to avoid obstacles in so their Z’s won’t all drop, which would have Barbie wake up from her dream and have the player restart the level, and sometimes restart the game. The player can also get help from the animals by choosing a charm off their bracelet that will signal an action that the animal should perform. Pressing B will throw out the command. When the command gets to the animal, it will perform the requested command. The enemies of the game will be objects like popcorn, water, pizza, shoes, kites, rackets, etc. At every level’s end there is a battle with a boss that will usually need to be overcame with an animal.

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