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Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure NES Game Cartridge

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure was released in 1991 for the NES. It is more of a sequel to the original story of the film instead of an adaptation. Rufus calls for Bill and Ted, and both arrive at different times. Ted arrives first and then Bill right after. Rufus tells them both that time-space rebels went back in time and captured a variety of historical figures and left them in other time periods not of their own. Now they have to travel to those time periods, find the historical figures that are out of place, and take them back to their original time period. If not done soon, Bill and Ted will miss the big concert that is supposed to launch their music careers. Rufus leaves a pay phone booth for both of them and tells them it would be better if they completed the mission separately. Bill is told to go to the past and leave helpful items for Ted for every period of time he visits. Bill when then start his own search after he accomplishes this. Ted will then do the same for Bill after he has found a historical figure.

Players will take control of either Bill of Ted, depending on the level. You explore houses, buildings, castles, and talk to local townspeople for clues. There are also mad villagers who you will need to outwit by running away or using specific items to help get away from them. You must find hidden items specified as historical bait in each level to get the historical figure you are looking for to trust you.

The game uses popular songs that were arranged in different levels. "Scarborough Fair" is used in Medieval World, "Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey" is used in the Modern World, and "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple is used in the Ancient World.

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