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Circus Caper NES Game Cartridge

Circus Caper was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Advance Communication Company and published by Toho. The story is about a young boy with the name Tim. He takes his younger sister Judy to the circus. They wanted tickets to go inside the circus, but only had enough money for a single ticket. Judy proceeded to go in the circus while Tim stayed behind. When the show is over, Tim was waiting near the exit on Judy for when she came out. After she does not appear, Tim sneaks inside the circus and tries to save his sister from Mr Magic, the ringmaster, who has captured her. The American version of the game had RPG elements and minigames removed, modified stages, and was changed to the circus setting.

The game is one player and will take the player through multiple levels, all with circus themes, and fight a variety of enemies and some bosses until the ringmaster is reached and defeated, saving Tim’s sister. The player will start with a small amount of life and some weapons. Various icons can be collected to improve the direct hits the player can withstand. Keys for opening doors and a variety of circus type items to be used as projectiles will also be found. The player can avoid most levels by walking backwards into the curtain where they began, taking them straight to the current level’s boss. There are also bonus levels that include trying to avoid boulders inside a car, guiding bears to leap over flames, using Rodan for target practicing, and finding Godzilla on circus grounds.

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