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Demon Sword NES Game Cartridge

Demon Sword was released for the NES in 1990 in North America. The box art has the words Release the Power, which is used consistently in the game as the method to power up character abilities. The game begins with the evil demon that is ruling the world and all its inhabitants. A man called Victar that came from a smaller village has the sword to be able to take down the demon. The blade has in the past been spit into pieces, and Victar must travel around three worlds to recover all three of the broken pieces to restore his sword to be able to beat the demon. There are multiple regional differences, like the Japanese version having six more level and several more bosses that are not in the North American release. Another difference is the Japanese version having more spells and items than the US version.

The game contains three different worlds, each having two stages and a last stage at the end for a total of 7 stages. To get back pieces of the sword that was split and progress further to other stages, you will need to destroy a boss in the end of all stages. The pieces that are recovered for the sword, the stronger and longer the sword gets. Enemies will also be encountered in the stages that will need to be beaten with certain weapons and spells, like the Demon Sword your character begins with, power beams, and arrow darts. The player’s character can also jump over the enemies and change the way he’s facing in mid jump. You can also land on and run on trees. When jumping, the player will need to be cautious for traps like holes.

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