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Double Dragon II NES Game Cartridge
Double Dragon 2: The Revenge was produced in 1989 for the NES. It is the sequel to Double Dragon and was published by Acclaim Entertainment. The players take control of Billy Lee and his brother Jimmy Lee. Marian, Billy’s girlfriend, is killed by the evil Shadow Warriors. They both go on a quest to avenge her death. This version of the sequels ignores the twist at the end Double Dragon, where Jimmy Lee turned out to be the evil leader and final boss. Willy, who was the leader in the arcade version who shot Marian, is also replaced with a martial artist who has powers and is the game’s main villain.

This time around, the game can be two players in the main quest simultaneously. The two modes to choose from differ if your characters can hurt each other or not. There are nine stages on the NES version. A cut scene of still imagery is shown before each stage with words to give a setting of the upcoming stage. The enemies are similar to that of the arcade version, but some carry different weaponry or the fighting technique is different. Other enemy characters that appear are the right hand men that keep showing back up on Mission 2  and throughout the rest of the game. There are also ninjas that come in Mission 2 and later in Mission 8.

The players will have all of Billy and Jimmy’s move sets from the start of the game, unlike the first one where you had to level up to get more moves. Two extra moves aside from the spin kick were added, the Flying Knee Kick and the Hyper Uppercut. You can only perform these moves when you are crouching, and that only happens when you land from jumping or recover from falling. Weapons included in this game are knives, chain whips, steel pipes, and grenades. All weapons disappear when a group of enemies are defeated.

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