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Mario is Missing NES Game Cartridge

Mario is Missing was released for the NES in 1993. It was developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Software Toolworks. The game is an educational game that is geography based. It was also the first game that starred Luigi as the main character, which didn’t occur until the game Luigi’s Mansion was released in 2001 for the Nintendo Gamecube. The plot is about Bowser setting up a castle somewhere in Antarctica and is planning to use a lot of hair dryers to melt the ice in there and flood the Earth. He then sends Koopas to various across the Earth to find and steal artifacts so he can fund his operation. Yoshi, Luigi, and Mario travel to Bowser’s new castle to prevent him from carrying out his plan. Luigi becomes hesitant, so Mario proceeds alone and Bowser kidnaps him. This prompts Luigi to rescue him.

The player as Luigi will progress in the game when they complete a level in the castle. Every floor will be guarded by a Koopaling and will contain some pipes that will transport the player to a Koopa infested city. When the player completes a floor, Luigi will need to defeat a Koopaling that is guarding the current floor to be able to proceed to another floor. In every city, the player can question locals to get clues about their current location, general directions of the remaining Koopas, also information about affected landmarks. Luigi will be given a map that shows where Koopas, people, and information booths are inside the city. When the artifacts are returned, Luigi will take a photo of places he was, which the player can view anytime later during gameplay.

The primary gameplay will consist of going around cities in a side scroller view while jumping onto Koopas to collect the stolen artifacts, which are famous landmark pieces. Luigi then will need to secure each city by taking the artifacts back to the proper locations and then answer two questions correctly about the landmark that was returned. Once the artifact is taken back, the landmark will be reopened. While on the journey of returning the artifacts to the right landmarks, Luigi will need to figure out his location so Yoshi can assist him by using the device called a Globulator. If Yoshi is brought to the right location, the player will be able to ride him to have double running and walking speed. When locating an exit pipe, the player will be returned to Bowser’s castle only if Yoshi is also with them so he can scare a Pokey into a pipe. The player will be able to proceed into another town and repeat the process. The game will have a difficulty setting that will range from the preschool level up to adult, or college, difficulty.

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