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Platoon NES Game Cartridge

Platoon was released for the NES in 1988. Ocean Software developed the game and Sunsoft published it. The game was adapted from the war movie Platoon from 1986. The film featured five soldiers in a squad from the United States Army on a mission in Vietnam. During gameplay, the player will control the five soldiers in turn, being able to switch them out as they each can take 3 hits to kill them.

During Stage One, the player will be within a jungle that has the side scrolling gameplay. The player will be able to search the screens horizontally and vertically. They will also need to avoid being hit by the enemies, try not to land on mines, and dodge other booby traps along the way. Stage one’s goal will be trying to find an explosive that is buried deep inside the jungle, then navigate themselves out to plant the explosive onto the bridge. The player then will be inside a town and will need to find the tunnel system’s map and a torch for the game’s next stage. During Stage Two, a player will be inside the tunnels system underground with the view changing to first person. They will be able to traverse through using the tunnel system’s map that was obtained earlier during stage one. While navigating the tunnel, they player will need to collect a compass and flares. The enemies will appear continuously on screen with the player needing to quickly kill them so they can progress though the tunnel.

During Stage Three, the player will be stuck inside a bunker through the night being constantly under siege by the enemy. The player will need to use the flares that were obtained inside the tunnels so they can see the enemies that are outside of the bunker so they can shoot them. View will still be in first person and the player well need to move a cross hair on enemies so they can hit them with shots. The level will be completed successfully if the siege is survived. During Stage Four, the player will be traversing the jungle with the view being third person. They will have four minutes to finish the level and will need to avoid sniper fire and kill enemies while navigating. The compass that was obtained inside the tunnel will be used here for helping the player go through the level. The boss of the game will be at the level’s end, which is Sergeant Barnes. He is inside a bunker made of bricks and is shooting at the player, who will need to land a total of five shots from grenades to defeat him.

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