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Racket Attack NES Game Cartridge

Racket Attack was released for the NES 1988 and was developed by TOSE and published by Jaleco Entertainment. The game view is a one fourth overhead perspective of the tennis court. The score will always be present and the audience that is watching is shown in 3 colors, which are red, pink, and white. Wilson Sporting Goods endorsed the version in North America. The game was considered an improvement overall from the Tennis game from 1985 for the NES since it had a bigger selection of tennis players and a deeper level of play.

The game has two modes of play. The first is single player which is a tournament and the second is two player that are exhibition matches. When the player wins seven tennis matches in the tournament, they will receive the championship trophy. The matches, however, will increase in difficulty as they progress while playing. The types of courts in the game are hard, clay, or grass courts. The best two out of three sets will win the match like in real tennis. The player can choose between 16 different tennis players. Eight of the players are male and the other eight are female. Every player will have weaknesses and strengths to experiment with. Male players can play only other males as female players can play only other females.

Passwords will be available to allow the players to keep their stats after playing a while. The passwords will also allow the player to access any of the levels between round two of the tennis tournament and the last round. The player can use six different tennis moves that include slicing, volleying, and lobbing. When serving the ball, the angle of the camera will become more slightly over the shoulder of the player. The women matches are noticeably not as long as the men matches. They players also have weird names like First and Gibbco. Both of the buttons on the controller for the NES are used for hitting the ball. A button is mainly used for hitting the ball in front court and B button is mainly used for hitting the ball in back court. The players can also protest a call to the judge if the decision is not in their favor.

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