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RoadBlasters NES Game Cartridge

RoadBlasters was released for the NES in 1990. Atari Games developed the game and Mindscape published it. The creators of the game originally intended that during a level, the 1950’s song called Mr Sandman would play, but the digitized version. It was never put into Roadblasters though. There was a Matchbox toy tie in where cars were die-cast and people could customize them with jet engines, rocket launchers, machine guns, lasers, and armor. The two factions they had were Motor Lords and Turbo Force. There were also play sets like mobile command bases.

The goal of RoadBlasters is to finish the 50 rallies and not run empty on fuel. The game will have no limit on how many cars the player receives while trying to finish a rally assuming they still have fuel. The vehicle’s destruction, however, will subtract small amounts of fuel from the player’s tank. The player will be able to continue a game where they last played, but will only have one chance to finish the game’s final rally, which is rally 50. If the player finishes the last rally, they will receive a one million point bonus. The vehicle will have machine guns equipped to help out and a plane with weapons will occasionally drop power ups the player can collect. Some of the power ups include a speed boost, cruise missiles, an a U.Z. canon.

The player can refuel in four different ways. They are a rally point, a checkpoint, red globes, and green globes. Every rally will feature one midway point which is denoted with a line on top of the road that vehicles will cross. When reaching the point, the fuel in the player’s main tank will be restored to its starting amount when the rally began. The fuel amount given to the player at every rally’s beginning will fluctuate through the game. Reserve tank fuel, however, will not be restored. When the player starts to get low on their fuel inside the main tank, the fuel light starts to blink and the display will show the alarm sounding. When the player uses up what their main tank has, the vehicle will then use whatever reserve fuel has been stored.

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