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Rocket Ranger NES Game Cartridge

Rocket Ranger was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Cinemaware and published by Kemco. The game’s setting is during the war of World War II. The player takes control of a scientist from the US Army and goes on a mission to prevent Nazi Germany to win the war. The game draws Hollywood inspiration and most likely the comic books The Rocketeer. It also pays homage to many sci-fi serials from the 1950s by using their look and the serials feel. There are also cut scenes that are action packed and art that is loyal to visions of the future during that era. The game will feature cliche elements that are from that era, like a dashing and courageous hero along with a beautiful and voluptuous woman in distress needing to be rescued.

The player, as a scientist in the US Army, is siting inside a bunker that is top secret one night and is puzzling over a challenging problem in physics, when futuristic artifacts suddenly teleport to him. Along with the artifacts is a note saying that the artifacts that were teleported came from a future where World War II was won by Nazis, who eventually enslaved the whole world. Scientists who were responsible for sending the artifacts back in time were hoping the protagonist would be able to reverse the war’s outcome, since the Nazis rightfully should have lost. The Nazi’s success came from using the mineral called lunarium, having the ability of lowering human male IQs drastically. This effectively prevented military resistance while the Nazis invaded. The lunarium was dropped as bombs from zeppelin fleets that were flying at higher altitudes than the anti-aircraft guns could reach. The most puzzling was that lunarium was only mineable in the Moon, with mankind not yer having the technology to get there.

Using their radium pistol and rocket pack, the player will need to fly around Earth and fight the Nazi technology that is escalating. This will sometimes include shooting down some enemy fighters using the pistol so the player can intercept the enemy shipments. Sequences will sometimes degenerate to bare knuckle fist fights with Nazi guards so the player will retrieve rocket parts. The player will also sometimes need to disable two lunarium depot  defenses to get some fuel for their rocket pack and a rocket ship they need to assemble. The player will sometimes need to catch up to a scientist who was kidnapped and his daughter, the main character’s love interest, inside a zeppelin. During those encounters, the player will need to engage into dialogue with the scientist and daughter to obtain their trust. This will feature digitized speech.

One part in the game will take become a strategy type game, having a display of the world map with the player directing five agents that are searching for Nazi bases that are hidden. The player can also organize a resistance to have the enemy slowed going towards the United States. The main goal for Rocket Ranger is collecting five rocket ship parts and 500 lunarium units to advance to earth’s moon to close the mines down. It turned out that Nazis weren’t alone the this scheme. Aliens that formed a Union of Interplanetary Fascists made a deal to Germany. For the player to achieve total victory, they will need to battle against one of the aliens.

In a strategy game, the player will need to send out up to a total of five agents into different nations having on of the two objectives. These objectives are organizing a resistance locally or infiltrating. Infiltrating will let the player discover some critical items that will be needed to finish the game. Forming a resistance will delay the USA invasion. For the rocket take off, the agents deployed in this strategy game often will give the player information on the missions or target of interest. These events has the player flying there by using a rocket pack, which is the mini game for taking off. The player in the mini game will need to time button pushes with their character’s stepping so they can build enough momentum to take off.

During Air Combat missions, the player will be required to engage with a Zeppelin, an enemy fighter, and anti-aircraft guns on the ground, depending on what mission is being done. The view will be third person while the player shoots at the targets with their gun. The Ground Base Assault missions will have the player assault Nazi bases. This will have the player involved in destroying the placements of enemy turrets. This is similar to ant-aircraft fighting missions on the ground, while ducking for cover. Sometimes the player will have missions to go into combat with Nazi soldiers using hands. For traveling, the player uses a rocket pack, which is a technological wonder for the game’s setting, and will serve as their primary transportation. The player will choose their destination by using a world map to select them and when they utilize a code wheel copy protection system.

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