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Sesame Street Big Bird’s Hide and Speak NES Game Cartridge

Sesame Street: Big Bird’s Hide and Speak was released for the NES in 1990. The game was developed by Riedel Software Productions and was published by Hi Tech Expressions. It became one of the easiest NES games to ever be released commercially. It was a first on the NES to feature a voice that was digitized, being Big Bird’s voice. The game has Big Bird with Little Bird as a co-star. It also features Elmo, Grover, The Count, Bert, and Ernie. Six game modes are available to play and they are divided to three pairs. Every mode will have Big Bird stand outside a building that has four windows. Little Bird is sitting on a window and will act as a cursor. The D-Pad is used for moving Little Bird and "A" is used to choose a window.

The first pair of modes will teach simple skills for name-recognition. Four different characters will walk inside the building, appearing at a window. Their name will be called out by Big Bird and then the player will need to choose whichever character’s name was called. Windows can either be shut or left open to teach some memorization. The second pair of modes will teach kids how to recognize letters in the alphabet. Like the first couple modes, four characters will go inside the building. This time, letters will appear alongside the characters inside the windows. A letter will then be called out by Big Bird, which the player will need to find. This mode can also have windows shut or left open for memorization teaching.

The third pair of modes will teach some basic spelling. Like the last pair of modes, letters will appear alongside the characters. There are two versions for this mode. The first will have Big Bird call out a word that is three letters long for the player to spell. The letters will then need to be selected in order correctly. The other mode will be timed with the sun, starting in the screen’s top part and then eventually dropping under the fence, which is when play will stop. The other version has four letter groups, but this time Big Bird will not say what the player will need to spell. Words will need to be chosen from a list by the player instead. A new letter batch will be revealed after every word. The goal of this mode is trying to spell as many words as possible before sunset.

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