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Super Glove Ball NES Game Cartridge

Super Glove Ball was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Rare and published by Mattel. The game was designed specifically for use with the NES Power Glove. It can still be played using a normal NES controller. The game was set in the year 2005, which was futuristic at the time. The story is about the player’s commander for their shuttle became stuck in a maze in space. Only the player can save the commander in which they throw balls of energy at walls. The player can use four different energy balls, which range in effect from slowing the enemy down to killing them right out.

The game is played in first person and provides a 3D element. There are a total of three mazes, with each having hundreds of rooms. The player will control the virtual glove that is on the screen. The player’s life meter is divided in 26 bars. The game is started inside a room with every surface having rectangular tiles. The right and left walls in the room have 20 tiles each, being 5 high and 4 deep. The bottom and top walls will have 40 tiles a piece, 8 wide and 5 high. Energy balls will appear and be flying around inside the room and bouncing off walls, like squash. When a tile is hit on a wall, it will be destroyed. The player will need to keep a ball in play while destroying tiles by punching, hitting, and throwing a ball around inside the room. If the ball goes behind the player’s glove, it will get destroyed, with a new ball then appearing. Once 5 balls are lost, the player will lose a life. When all the lives have been lost, it is game over. There game has no continues. The player will have Robo Bullets that they can shoot from their glove’s index finger when pressing Select. They will destroy tiles with a single hit and can be used for attacking enemies.

When all tiles on one of the walls are destroyed, either nothing happens at all or an arrow that is red will appear that will be pointing in the walls direction that was just cleared. This will indicate the player can then go through the wall and into another room inside the maze. Every room will have a number, so the player can take advantage of making a map while progressing through the game. The game’s second world has more than 60 different rooms, making it easier to get lost and frustrating without having a map. Making a maze map is half of the game’s fun practically, with the game being more on exploration. The game will have a total of three worlds, with each getting harder progressively. Enemies will also get tougher with some killing the player in a single hit. There are also more ways to lose a ball and specific tiles will be more difficult to hit in the next two worlds.

Some tiles will have a question punctuation on them. When one of those question tiles are hit by a Robo Bullet or an energy ball, one of many power ups or bonuses will be given to the player. LIFE will give the player another life, and are really rare. EXTRA will give the player another ball. ICE BALL will slow down the enemies. BOMB BALL will have the player’s ball do extra damage, and holding onto a ball with a bomb effect will have it explode, taking a life from the player. POWER will refill the player’s life meter. ROW will destroy an entire row of tiles when a tile in that row is hit. Effects will last for a short time. SUPER BALL will have an energy ball fly all over a room really fast for a short time. It will also be able to bounce off the invisible wall in the back. TRIPLE will have two extra balls appear along with the ball in play. ROBO BULLET REFILL will give the player an extra 30 Robo Bullets. PINBALL will make a special colored tile move with other tiles located on the furthest wall in the room temporarily. If this special colored tile is hit with an energy ball, every possible path will open to the neighboring rooms, regardless of what tiles were destroyed.

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