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Wally Bear NES Game Cartridge

Wally Bear was released for the NES in 1992. American Game Cartridges developed the game and American Video Entertainment published it. The game was exclusive to the United States and will teach children to say no to harmful drugs like marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco. It was not licensed by Nintendo and would not work on any NES console that was manufactured in October, 1990 or later. The Newer consoles had a revised 11 circuit board and had hardware protections that prevented unlicensed games from working properly. The manual of Wally Bear explains this issue and then provides the instructions on modifying the NES console to get by the hardware protections that Nintendo had installed.

The plot of the game is about the uncle of Wally Bear, Gary Grizzly, planning a big party for the NO! gang and Wally. Wally’s parents, while at his house, tell him that he needed to invite his good friends to his party. They also tell him to get to uncle Grizzly’s house before it gets dark. While leaving the house, Wally is given advice to not go near drugs. The characters a part of the gang are Wally Bear, Billy Bunny, Priscilla Possum, Rachel Rabbit, Stevie Squirrel, Timmy Tiger, and Toby Turtle. The villains during the game are Ricky Rat, Larry Lizard, and Willard Weasel.

While playing the game, the player will control Wally, who skateboards everywhere for transportation during gameplay to get to the other house. Levels during the game will vary from city streets, demon fortresses, industrial areas, subway cars, and suburban streets. During the trip, the player will meet with other members that are a part of the gang and then talks to them about alcohol and drug use. When reaching uncle Grizzly’s house, uncle Grizzly tells Wally that the other members from the gang already have arrived. Gary Grizzly then breaks the game’s fourth wall and suggests Wally brought someone with him, which would be referring to the player. The game then ends with the party starting, with Wally offering advice on drugs to the current player.

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