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Donkey Kong Country SNES Game Cartridge

Donkey Kong Country was released for the SNES in 1994. Rare developed the game and Nintendo published it. This game became the first based on Donkey Kong that Shigeru Miyamoto, the character’s original creator, did not produce or direct. Tim Stamper instead directed the game, but Miyamoto was involved in helping the project. There was intense marketing for Donkey Kong Country and eventually it had critical acclaim. It sold over 9 million copies around the world, eventually becoming the second best selling game on the SNES.

The game takes place on the island Donkey Kong, and involves Donkey Kong himself and Diddy Kong, his nephew. One day, Donkey Kong decided to investigate his hoard of bananas, which is located right underneath his house, and then discovered that all the bananas disappeared. Both Kongs then go on a journey to retrieve the hoard from the Kremlings and their boss, King K. Rool.

There are forty levels in the game the player will need to complete to recover the banana hoard stolen by Kremlings. Every level will be themed uniquely and will consist of a variety of tasks like mine cart riding, swimming, vine swinging, and getting inside barrel cannons and being launched. The player starts the game with six lives and will lose one life if an enemy hits them or if they fall into a hole.

For the player to destroy an enemy, they can either jump on them, perform a hand slap that only Donkey Kong can do, or roll into them. There will be some enemies that are not able to be defeated by any of those methods and will need a barrel thrown at them or have assistance from an animal. The enemies will have a variance in difficulty, normally getting harder to defeat as the player progresses through the game. When all the lives the player has are lost, the game will be over. Extra lives can be gained when items are collected that are scattered around the levels. This includes bananas, gold letters spelling out KONG, gold animal tokens leading into bonus levels, and balloons. There are secret passages leading to more bonus games where a player is able to earn extra lives or other useful items. Shortcuts are also possible through a level.

The player will take control of two different characters, Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong, one at a time. If both Kongs are present on the game screen, the player is able to rotate between both characters. Since Donkey is bigger than Diddy, he is capable of defeating the enemies easier. However, since Diddy is smaller, he is more agile and is faster.

In many levels, the player is able to obtain assistance from a variety of animals that are found within crates that can be opened. These animals include a Rhino named Rambi, an Ostrich named Expresso, a Swordfish named Enguarde, a Frog named Winky, and a Parrot named Squawks. Every animal is able to be found within levels with themes appropriate for them. An example is Enguarde who is only able to be found in water and Squawks is only able to be found in one level that takes place within a cave. Some of the animals the player can obtain are also capable of accessing bonus games.

There will be single player offered along with a couple multiplayer modes. The multiplayer will allow two different players to play by alternating in on of the two modes. There is the Contest mode and the Team mode, with the first being competitive and the second being cooperative. During Contest, both players will control their own Kong set and will alternate turns playing every level as fast as they can. The goal is completing more levels faster than the other player. While playing the Team mode, both players will take control of either Donkey Kong or Diddy and play together on the same game screen. The player’s Kong who is active will control progression through a level while the second is dormant. Control is taken by the other player if the current active player is hit by an enemy or if they decided to switch places.

The game will use multiple map screens to keep track of progress the player makes. Between every level, the player will control one of their characters on the game’s map screen and navigate to a level they choose. Every level on a map will be marked with different icons. An unfinished level will be marked with a Kremling, which are the game’s main enemy. Friendly areas will be marked with Kong family members. Each individual map screen will have one boss at the course’s end. These bosses will need to be defeated for the player to travel back onto the island’s main map.

Past world maps are able to be accessed without having to defeat a boss by going to Funky Kong to borrow a barrel plane. The player is able to use this plane to choose what world they want on the game’s main screen to go to and then whatever level they choose within that world. While playing in a level, the interface will hide most of the game related info like the amount of bananas, animal tokens collected, the amount of lives the player has remaining, and letters. Whenever one of those items are collected, the information that is relevant will appear briefly on the game screen.

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