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MLBPA Baseball SNES Game Cartridge

MLBPA was released for the SNES in 1994. It was developed by Visual Concepts and published by EA Sports. This version of the game is the very first baseball game that included the theme song Tomahawk Chop, used by the Atalanta Braves. It is advertised on the game’s box on the reverse side. The game will also feature former professional baseball players Billy Hatcher, who played on the Red Sox, and Brent Gates, who played on the Athletics, on the front cover of the game.

The stats and players from the major leagues that are included in this game are from the 1993 season, thanks to an MLBPA license. Team names could not be used because there was no MLB license. This was gotten around by using names of cities of every team with their matching colors. The terms N League, A League, and The Series were also used. The players are able to play single games, with default teams as Toronto and Philadelphia who were league champs in 1993. There is also a season mode that is based from the schedule in 1994 and the losses and wins will be recorded with passwords on the SNES. Playoffs and the World Series will be included. Even though season mode was from the schedule in 1994, it did not have the new, now current, three divisions and wild card format that was introduced during the season in 1994. It will instead use the older format of two divisions from each league.

The packaging billed the graphics to be arcade style and the games were able to be played on artificial or natural grass, which will depend on who the team at home is, during night or day. There will also be scoreboard animations featured for double plays and triple plays, pitching changes, pinch hitters, sometimes strikeouts, home runs, and grand slams.

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