Ghosts N Goblins

Why must you hurt us so bad Capcom?  By now everyone has least heard of or played at least one game in the Ghouls N Ghosts series.  Known for their technical excellence as well as their perfect blend of platforming with white knuckle action the series also holds another distinction: ridiculous challenge.  Every game in […]


When Sony entered the console arena with the PlayStation they were not known as an exceptionally strong developer.  Psygnosis and Singletrac created many of their initial hits but the memory of 16-bit turds such as Cliffhanger and Last Action Hero still lingered.  So it was quite a surprise when Medievil showed up at the 1997 […]

Super Ghouls n Ghosts

I have a love and hate relationship with the Ghouls and Ghosts series.  When the games are good they are phenomenal.  When they’re bad they are some of the most god awful terrible games known to man.  The NES port of the arcade game is one of the most frustrating games created and should be […]