We should have received Terranigma in America. The localization was complete however Enix had already closed their US office, thanks in no small part to their oddball decisions on what games to bring to America. Robotrek, 7th Saga, and E.V.O. instead of Dragon Quest? Yeah. However the game oddly enough was picked up by Nintendo […]

Soul Blazer

  Before the PlayStation busted open the floodgates for RPGs in America the SNES was the reigning champion of the genre.  While we didn’t get the breadth of titles the PS One eventually would, there was still quite a selection to choose from.  Enix of America was a very active publisher at the time despite […]


What we have here is a perfect example of the launch effect. Many companies make it a point to have a game ready for the launch of a new system, sometimes stooping as low as porting an old game just to have something there. The theory is that the early adopters are the hardcore who […]