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Adventure Island 2 NES Game Cartridge

Adventure Island II was released for the NES in 1991 with the developer being Now Production and the publisher being Hudson Soft. It is a sequel to the first Adventure Island, being the second in this gaming series on the NES. Though the first game was adapted from the Wonder Boy series from Westbone, the second game is completely original and all of the Adventure Island games after. 

The story starts with Princess Leilani being safe, but Tina, her sister, had just been captured by followers of the Evil Witch Doctor. The monster minions are controlled by eight islands. Four dinosaurs will be more than happy side with anyone having the will to traverse the islands and the dangers to defeat their oppressors. Master Higgins then goes on an adventure to rescue Tina.

The game rules are similar to the first, with the new feature being an added inventory system. Before starting a stage, the player can choose an animal friend to take with them, assuming any animals have been rescued. There is also a choice of bringing a stone hammer if one of those have been found. When choosing a second hammer, the player cannot upgrade to fireball shots when using a secondary hammer, as it is used for a reserve hammer in the inventory. Higgins can ride four different dinosaurs, which are summoned when collecting a card suit within an egg. The heart card summons a blue camptosaurus that attacks with its tail, the spade summons a red camptosaurus that breathes fire, a clover card summons a pteranodon that can fly, and the diamond card summons a elasmosaurus that can live underwater, helping your character swim faster.

Checkpoints have been taken out of the game so if the player is killed halfway into a stage, he will be returned to the beginning. The levels in the game though have been shortened from the last game. When striking an area where hidden eggs are located, a different noise will indicate its location. Picking up keys inside of eggs will access the bonus stages. Some keys will also have the player transported to a room with items or shortcuts to another island. Underwater stages have been added along with stages with vertical scrolling. If a stage is completed on a skateboard, it will not be taken to the next stage like the first game. Also when finishing a stage, the player will choose one of the ten spinning eggs to earn extra points. Backtracking in levels are now possible, but only so far can be traveled back.

The bosses of every island will be awaiting on the players arrival at the start of specific stages. If the player is killed in a boss fight, the boss moves to a different area. This will make the player finish the current stage along with another stage to get back to fighting the boss.

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