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All Pro Basketball NES Game Cartridge

All Pro Basketball was released for the NES in 1989 with the developer being Aicom and the publisher being Vic Tokai. Stan Stepanic, who was part of Game Freaks 365, had this game rated as second best basketball game for the NES with reasons being usage of a vertical scrolling court with a computer defense well programmed. He nearly rated the game a 10.

The game has four modes. The first is one player, which has the player in a one match game against the computer. The second is two player, being a co-op game against the computer. The third is versus, where two players play the game against the one another. The last mode is watch, where the player gets to observe a match controlled by the computer. The view of the court is viewed vertically in a top to down perspective showing only one half the court at once. Once the ball is past half court, the screen will go black for a second and change to the other court side, which looks similar other than the floorboard colors. This is to tell a player they have gone to the other side of the basketball court. When a slam dunk is attempted, the game will pause to go to an animation of the dunk

There 8 teams total, all representing NBA counterparts. They are the New York Slicks who represent the New York Knickerboxers, the Chicago Zephyrs who represent the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Redcoats who represent the Boston Celtics, The Los Angeles Breakers, who represent the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Stallions who represent the Dallas Mavericks, the Phoenix Wings who represent the Phoenix Suns, the Seattle Sonics who represetn the Seattle SuperSonics, and the San Francisco Bayriders who represent the Golden State Warriors.

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