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Contra NES Game Cartridge

Contra was originally released for the arcade in 1987 and was developed by Konami, and in 1988, it was released for the NES. In the PAL versions, the game was localized and called Gryzor and then later released in North America as Probotector for the NES. The American and Japanese versions were identical other than the title, and the Gryzor version only allowed players to play alternatively instead of simultaneously. There have been many Contra sequels and spin offs since the original release. The name Contra is referring to a group of people that were CIA backed Nicaraguan rebels consistently on the U.S. news during that period of time.

The game takes place in the year 1987. An evil organization called Red Falcon Organization set a base close to the Amazons, planning to take over the world. Mad Dog and Scorpion, who are two commandos with the Contra unit, are sent on a mission to an island to annihilate the enemy base and discover the true reason of the aliens that are controlling them.

There are three playing views in Contra. One being a standard side scrolling view, another being a pseudo 3D view, and the last having a fixed screen. Two players can be on the screen simultaneously with one player controlling Mad Dog, who has the blue pants, and the other player controlling Scorpion, who has the red pants. The two characters and jump and shoot. While jumping, you will go into a somersault rather than a normal jump like most games. You can also shoot in all 8 directions. Pressing down while standing will have your character lie on his stomach to dodge enemy shots and shoot low. You can also drop to a lower platform while crouching and pressing the jump button.

A rifle is the starting weapon that has infinite ammo that can upgrade into four different guns, one at a time. Destroying pill boxes and flying capsules will contain theses upgrades, as well as beating red clad guards in the bases. The four different upgrades are a machine gun, a laser gun, a fireball gun, and a spread shot gun. Two other power ups can be obtained, which are rapid bullets which increases firing speed and a force field that will make you invulnerable for a short time.

The game has eight stages, which are structured differently than the arcade version. Contra was also an early NES game to have the feature Konami Code.Entering this code at the title screen will give the player thirty lives to begin with instead of three. The thirty lives will still be in affect when using a continue.

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