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Goal! NES Game Cartridge

Goal! was released for the NES in 1989 in North America. TOSE were the developers and Jaleco published it. It was known as Moero!! Pro Soccer in Japan. The game was followed with localizations and sequels. Goal! Two was released for the NES, being titled Goal! for the SNES in North America and was re-titled as Super Goal! for the Europe release, and then there was Super Goal! 2.

Goal! has four modes of play. They are Vs. Mode, Shoot Competition, Tournament, and World Cup. The objective is the exact same like real soccer, which is to get more goals than the opponents to win. Vs. Mode has two players play each other in a single game. The Shoot Competition has the players choose a character out of three to try and score the most shot as possible out of five. In the Tournament mode, the player chooses one of the eight teams from America to play in a tournament with single elimination. Then there is World Cup mode, where the player or players will need to choose one of the sixteen international soccer teams to compete and reach the finals. The sixteen teams are USSR, United States, Uruguay, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, West Germany, France, England, Denmark, Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, and Algeria.

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