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Jeopardy NES Game Cartridge

Jeopardy! was released for the NES in 1988. It was developed by Rare and published by GameTek. It is based off of the quiz show with the same name. The game can have be played with three players and any player gaps will be filled with a computer AI. Once there are three human players engaged, controller 1 will be shared with the first and second players and controller 2 will go to the third player. The categories in the game will be general knowledge and will not follow any themes like the Star Wars or sports editions. Every category will have always have the same exact five questions, with the game drawing on a limited amount of categories. Repeats will eventually appear after so many sessions are played. Some of the questions that were current in 1987 will be less obvious and more difficult due to the game being decades old.

Rounds one and two will have six categories, each having five questions that will be randomly selected by a computer that populates the game’s board. The contestant that answered the past question right will be able to pick another category and dollar amount, with the harder questions worth more. A player will have 10 seconds from when the question shows up to buzz in and give an answer. The answers will be built using a controller to move around a letter grid to type out a correct answer. Punctuation and spaces will be ignored, but grammar and spelling will need to match the answer that is expected exactly. 30 seconds will be given to a contestant to give an answer before the time runs out, giving other players an opportunity to buzz in.

The Final Jeopardy will consist of a single category. The player will bet their winnings on the ability to answer. One question will be asked from the single category after the secret bets are placed. Every player will again be given 30 seconds on giving an answer while other players will be told to look a different direction from the screen. At the game’s end, the scores will be tallied and a winner will be declared.

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