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Pipe Dream was released for the NES in 1990. The Assembly Line developed the game and Lucasfilm Games published it. The game was originally named Pipe Mania and released on the Amiga. Long after the release of the game, the game’s concept has re-emerged in larger games as security system bypassing or hacking minigames. It also has similarities to Loco-Motion, an arcade game made by Konami in 1982, in which objects will move along a grid with tiles slowly that will make a path that the player will need to continually adjust.

The player will use various pipe pieces that will be presented randomly in line and they will need to make a path starting with the first piece for the sewer slime that is onrushing. The slime, or flooz, will begin to flow after a delay of time from a round’s start. The pieces the player receives will not be able to rotate, as they will need to be placed the way they are presented in line. A piece previously laid can be replaced by simply clicking it, assuming no flooz has gotten to it. However, a small time delay will be caused before another piece will be laid by replacing a piece. The flooz will be required to go through a certain amount of pipes for the player to progress to another round. Some of the rounds will have an end piece that the player will need to place at the pipeline’s end that they constructed on top of meeting the minimum length of pipes required.


When the player completes a pipeline in time, the game will allow a player to progress into the next stage, which will mean a smaller interval in starting a round for when the flooz will start to flow. The flooz will also flow faster. On the higher levels, special pieces of pipe will start to appear like sections that are one way, bonus sections, and reservoirs. Sections that wrap around and obstacles will also start to appear in higher levels. If the player finishes a level using five pieces that are cross section and fills those pieces both ways, a bonus of 5,000 points will be awarded. A bonus round will present a player with the grid being full of pieces of pipe and with a single open spot. The goal of a bonus round is sliding the pipe pieces around to make a path the longest possible for flooz.

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