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Robo Warrior NES Game Cartridge

Robowarrior was released for the NES in 1988. Hudson Soft and Aicom co-developed the game and Jaleco published it. The game begins with scientists working to create a planet called Altile in desperation for combating the Earth’s overpopulation. Altile was the name of the scientist who designed the planet. During Altile’s construction, humanity became peaceful and united. While in this prosperous new era, RoboWarriors are decommissioned by Earth. These warriors are half robot and half man war vehicles that are heavily armed. The Xantho Empire, which are aliens from another dimension, are lead by an alien named Xur and invade Altile to take it over for their personal uses. Altile’s survivors send a distress signal to Earth. When Earth receives the message, the people quickly activate their newest and strongest RoboWarrior, which is the model called ZED, sending it to Altile at its top speed.

The player will control ZED from a view that is overhead and will be able to maneuver in the 4 main directions. ZED will be able to shoot projectiles from a weapon and drop bombs. Altile’s terrain will have several obstacles and the player’s bombs will be used to destroy the obstacles to make a path for ZED. When the player destroys an obstacle or enemy, it may yield a power up that will contain one of ten different effects that include energy and ammunition refills that can be stocked to be used any time from a menu. There are also power ups that will be used instantly for energy supplies and bombs. Some levels will contain keys that will unlock doors and Chalices that will prevent a level from endlessly running on. There are secret areas like a Hope Well and an Idol Room that can also be located. Overall, there will be eight worlds that the player as ZED will need to conquer. They will contain numerous stages with them being guarded by vicious boss monsters.

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