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Tecmo NBA Basketball NES Game Cartridge

Tecmo NBA Basketball was released for the NES in 1992. It was developed and published by Tecmo. Like the game Tecmo Super Bowl which was released prior to this game, it will feature cut scenes that are cinema style during gameplay. The player will have the option to play a game with all stars, but there will be no option for selecting the players from any All Star team. There are 27 total NBA teams, having 324 players on the roster from the 91′-92′ NBA season, including Michael Jordan. The LA Lakers team will feature Magic Johnson, though he did not play during that season for the NBA. Every player will have a rating for stamina, shooting ability, jumping power, stealing ability, blocking ability, and running speed.

The game will have a pre season and a season mode. During the season mode, the game will track player and team statistics through the season. The player will be able to choose one of four different modes to play in. Manual will let the player control a team individually. Coach will have the player call the plays but no actual playing will be done by the player. Computer will give control of everything to the game’s AI. Skip will let the player surpass a computer based basketball game where it will post the results without a game ever have taken place. There will also be the option of setting quarter times from two minutes up to twelve minutes.

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